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Mara: The Seal Wife

Mara: The Seal Wife is a medium length crowd funded film inspired by selkie folklore.  Filmed and set in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland the film has screened at festivals worldwide to high acclaim and has won numerous awards.



During a moonlit night, Sine vanishes after childbirth, leaving her husband Magnus devastated. A haunting exploration of Sine's past, unearths the traumatic events that connected her to the Selkie realm - a world of mythical creatures who transform from seals into humans by shedding their skins. This poignant journey delves into the profound ties between folklore and the human experience.

Available to Buy / Rent from Amazon Prime

Mara - Screengrab - Proposal_edited.jpg
Mara - Screengrab - Seal_edited.jpg
Screengrab - You Can Go_edited.jpg


Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival, Italy, February 2022

Winner of Best Actress for a Medium Length Film (Sarah Pritchard)

Best Cinematography for a Medium Length Film (Jason Weidner)

Best Sound Design (Heather Andrews & Stewart Simpson)


Miraban UK Film Awards, London, March 2022

Winner of Best Drama Short, Best Actress (Sarah Pritchard) and Best Film Score (Philip Smith).

Scotland International Festival of Cinema, Peebles, April 2022

Winner of Best Director Featurette (Uisdean Murray),

Best Screenplay Featurette (Uisdean Murray),

Audience Choice Award,

Achievement in Cinematography Featurette (Jason Weidner),

Cinematic Achievement by and Actress (Sarah Pritchard)

Achievement by an Ensemble Cast Featurette.

FirstGlance Film Festival, LA, May 2022

Winner of Best Director - Short Film (Uisdean Murray)

Best Actress - Short Film (Sarah Pritchard)

Believe Psychology Film Festival, LA, May 2022

Grand Prize Award - Best Cinematically Captivating

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, August 2022

Winner of the Audience Award and Best Film Trailer

Fortean Film Festival, Sherborne Cinema, Gloucester September 2022

Winner of 15 Platinum Awards including Best Movie (Short) and Best Director.


Prospector International Film festival, Ridgefield CT, USA, Sept/Oct 2022

Winner of Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short and Best Short Film

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