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Jemima Trilogy

A trilogy of self-financed micro budget short horror films starring Joy McAvoy and co-written & directed by Uisdean Murray.  Made during the 00's the Jemima films played at many festivals worldwide.


Jemima has had her unfair share of terrible relationships. Fate has been so unkind that she is now regularly visited by a spirit of herself as she was in her childhood, who returns to offer guidance. But things are about to change as Jemima gets involved with a new man. A man with more than a few secrets. There is a reason for this films title, and its not a pretty one. A whimsical and gruesome character-driven dose of the unusual from the darkest depths of Glasgow. - Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

JEMIMA (2002)

"What works for Murder is the blow-by-blow commentary by Jemima in the form of a voiceover (not unlike Hunting Humans, American Psycho and TV's "Dexter"). Joy McAvoy is a great choice for the role of Jemima, as she is not only easy on the eyes, she's got a stellar accent. Couple that voice with spoken, detailed instruction on such helpful things like how to dismember a body (injected with a light sense of humor) and you have an entertaining short." - Steve Pattee, Horror DNA


A tale of two women, Jemima, who attempted to kill her boyfriend and her troubled psychologist, Victoria. Session by session the minds of the two women transfuse and they are transported to a world that will bring forth a terrifying and dormant connection.

"Sessions of the Mind is a truly original and provocative film, and to conclude, constructed as a dynamic puzzle game." - Malvasya, Splatter Container


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