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Jemima: Dating is Murder


Jemima is the story of a woman who is void of any real depth of emotions.  Focusing on her relationships we join Jemima at the point of ritual that befalls any man who she thinks view her as nothing more than a sexual object...


Joy McAvoy
Al Mariotti
Ron Stirling
Reshad Ramjan

Written by Uisdean Murray & Alan Hutton
Music composed by Philip Kovac
Camera by Reshad Ramjan
Directed by Uisdean Murray

Running Time 9 mins ©2002


Fatally Yours
Shooting People



Screening History

The Wood Green Film Festival
(London Feb 03)
- official selection
The Commonwealth Film Festival (June 03)
 - Jemima screened as part of the Boys vs Girls strand of films that dealt with relationships and the battle of the sexes
2nd Triggerstreet Online Film Festival 03
- Jemima was shortlisted and made the official selection
The Screen Room (Nottingham, Oct 03)
- As part of the Wellywood Shorts cinema distribution scheme, Jemima supported the feature film "Swimming Pool"
Scottish Lomond Audi Filmmakers Award (Glasgow, Mar 04)
- final five shortlist
TromaFling Film Festival (Edinburgh, Aug 05)
Action On Film Festival (LA, July 06)
- Invited to be played at the festival.
Bloodbath Film Festival (Bristol, Nov 06)
Phantasmagoria Film Festival (Swindon, July 08)
Propellor TV's Horrorfest (Sky Channel 195, October 08)
- 3rd place in Horrorfest competition, also screened a The Electric Cinema, Birmingham
South African Horrorfest (Cape Town, November 08)
 - Shown as part of the Shadow Realm Short Film Collection
Beatnik TV (Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester, May 09 (Hungry Pigeon Arts Festival, June 09)


Production Stills

Breaking Up Directing Jemima: Dating is Murder (2002)
Jemima: Dating is Murder (2002) poster On the hunt
Next victim Jemima gets bloody
Jemima: Dating is Murder (poster B)