MAY 2014

Our latest music video "Don't Know Who I Am" for TaylorMadeSuit will be screening at this years GoNorth Film Festival.


Don't Know Who I Am - TaylorMadeSuit from Lily Island Films on Vimeo.

APRIL 2014

A Band Called Quinn - Forget About It from Tromolo Productions on Vimeo.

From the show Biding Time (remix) touring May 7th - 24th:

Diane Torr - Mr Big
Martin McCormick - Green Man/ Gatekeeper/ Bozcek/ Rabbit
Suzy Enoch and Danuta Ramos - Bunny Ballerinas
Louise Quinn - Singer/ The Balancer

Directed and edited by Uisdean Murray
DOP - Ray Tallan
Hair and Makeup - Emma Cunningham
Costume - Alice Wilson/ Stella Cadzow

Buy it here: abandcalledquinn.bandcamp.com/album/forget-about-it